CO-0280 - Cobra 3.1

CO-0280 - Cobra 3.1

The Cobra 3.1 is the newest fog generator from Look Solutions. It's a powerful 3100 watt machine with a proprietary and unobtrusive quiet output. The output nozzle plate features twenty tiny, laser-cut holes, which dissipates the inherent whoosh sound while maintaining a thick and robust output. With three selectable output profiles, plus customer settings, the Cobra insures complete atmospheric control. The new Touchscreen makes the handling of the Cobra 3.1 easy and intuitive. Control can be via Ethernet, DMX, or Analog, and the included RDM provides additional convenience. It is available as a 230V version only; use the Cobra 1.8 if 120V is required. The Cobra 3.1 comes with a 5 liter bottle of Regular Fog fluid.

Our Price: $2,700.00

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